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Aloka Trust The Buddha out of his compassion taught Dhamma for the welfare, happiness and liberation of beings. This Dhamma in short is Dana (Charity), Sila (Morality), Samadhi (Meditation) and Panya (Wisdom).These form the four pillars of the Dhamma now known as Buddhism. In order to gain the pure conscious state in a scientific manner, it is necessary to pass through the various stages of concentration through Samadhi/Samatha and various stages of purification through Vipassana (Insight). In order to achieve these, Aloka Trust offers Buddhist ... read more

Venerable Vinaya Rakkhita Mahathero

Ven. Venerable Vinaya Rakkhita Mahathero.

Founder President

Aloka Trust brought up in a religious family among people, who followed the ancient Buddhist tradition and believe in peacefulness, humanity and innocence as the natural way of life. Having received full Ordination, Ven. Venerable Vinaya Rakkhita Mahathero undertook enthusiastic studies of the Dhamma ...

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